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05/17/15 - AvP2 Desktop Icons + Vision Mode Fix

I'm releasing two small files today. The first is "AvP2 Desktop Icons." It's a pack of 10 desktop icons for either your AvP2 or Primal Hunt desktop shortcuts. I've included a few variations and different resolution sizes, so hopefully you'll find something that suits your style. Preview:

AvP2 Desktop Icons

AvP2 Desktop Icons - Alternates

Download AvP2 Desktop Icons

I'm also releasing "Vision Mode Fix." It is a really small mod that acts as a patch for players who experience black screens when switching through alien night vision and predator nav vision modes. The black screens are due to modern video cards not supporting the invert colors in AvP2's vision modes. This mod is made for singleplayer usage only, as you will not be able to join servers with it. Video preview:

Download Vision Mode Fix

And yes, I am still working on Star Wars Mod 2.0.

04/05/15 - More Videos

I uploaded two new videos to my Youtube channel recently. One is a short, funny clip and the other is a full play through of HHO's first ever singleplayer map, titled "Frosty Aliens Predators."

The version of the map I played is beta; so expect bugs, balance issues, etc. Consider it a preview of the final release.

03/01/15 - Site Upgrade + New Videos!

I redesigned the site a bit. I added cheats and miscellaneous pages for more content. I also revised every page by fixing the code and and added extra content.

Moreover, I'm starting to use my Youtube channel a bit more and uploaded a bunch of videos covering LithTech games/demos, official AvP2 videos and even beta footage. Enjoy!

02/10/15 - What's Going On?

I haven't posted a news update in forever, so I thought it's about time I shared what I'm up to. First of all I've cleaned up the website a bit, removed dead links, added new active links and ways to connect with me.

As for what I'm working on? Well I've returned 100% to working on my Star Wars Mod - Worldtexture Add-On. However, I decided that the name of the mod is WAY too long. I also know that it's made to run alongside the Star Wars Mod. Therefore, I decided to merge the two together. Thus, I'm now calling it either "Star Wars Mod 2.0" OR "Star Wars Mod 2.0 - Special Edition." I want to see how the "Special Edition" part looks in the menus, but either way the mod is now 2.0. I know I said in the past that if I made a 2.0 version of the mod, it would include gameplay changes, but this will not. It will just be a combination of the Star Wars Mod and the Worldtexture Add-On. I will also include a few other little bonuses, like additional skins, audio and a few touch-ups over the original mod. So yes, it will still be a client side mod.

Unfortunately the status of the mod is still incomplete. It really is a huge task to drastically alter nearly all the textures in AvP2. However, I have made tons of progress since the last update I posted here:

Preview Pictures

Since then I've re-textured more multiplayer maps, landscapes in singleplayer, vehicles, props, etc. I've changed quite a bit, but I'm not quite ready to share the progress. A lot of stuff is still work in progress. If I upload photos and then I decide to go back and change some textures around to fit better across multiple levels, then I would have to retake photos and upload the more current version. I want to avoid all that and just wait until I get it to a point where I know I wont have to go back and undo textures for compatibility reasons.

As for the release date? I want to release it this year. My goal is to finish it asap because I really want to get it done and enjoy the final product by playing it, instead of always testing how everything looks.

I'm also hoping to make some videos with it. I plan on doing a cinematic trailer when its 100% completed prior to its release. That's something I've never done, but I think it will turn out cool.

On a side note, I've made a small little mod that may help those who have trouble running AvP2 on windows 8.1 and experience black screens with pred tech and nav vision modes. If there is a demand for this I will release it. It is NOT a client side mod. But it does help with fixing the issue in singleplayer. Windows 8.1 SUCKS at direct draw for AvP2. If you can, stay on Windows 7 or even Windows XP.

Oh and one more thing. Stop by the AvPUnknown forum. I post there quite a bit and the forum has gained some decent traction over time. Feel free to join in on the conversation.

AvPUnknown Forum

2/4/12 - Small Site Update And Videos!

I've updated the site to include a few new features. Over on the left side of the site, I've added a few icons (links) to connect with me and visit other sites that are connected to this one.

There is my developer overview/profile on AvP2files, a link to my youtube channel, the email form, and a new rss feed for mobile users/rss readers. I've also added a videos page where the old "contact me" link used to be. This is where I'll link to my AvP2-related videos.

Youtube Channel

My youtube channel will basically have gaming videos. You'll see a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 vids (a recent distraction from my modding) and AvP2 videos, featuring either my mods or just me playing the game. So far I only have two AvP2 videos up, but I'll add more in the future. Also feel free to subscribe to my channel if you want.

10/1/11 - The Move To AvPUnknown

After several years of being hosted by lithfaq (thanks to "The One") I have decided to jump to the new epicenter of everything AvP2, that is AvPUnknown. Lithfaq has bottomed out, and I don't know how much longer it will even be online.

Thanks go to x-M-x for the new host. If you didn't already know, I'm a moderator on the AvPUnknown forum. Feel free to stop by and join. You can check it out here:

AvPUnknown Forum

As for the future of my site and files, I will be tweaking this site a bit. It has already been a bit upgraded in the transfer to AvPUnknown. I may also introduce some video content in the form of my youtube videos (AvP2 related). Furthermore, I still have to finish that dreaded Star Wars Worldtexture pack. I have not forgot about it. Just life gets in the way, other games distract me, and the jump to windows 7 has left me unable to use some old modding software that I used to use on Windows XP. So I need to figure out a workaround with the modding tools and get back to action. I actually do have ideas of other mods I would like to try making, but I must finish this one first.

So let me know what you think of what's going on here and relax! You'll live longer...

03/20/10 - The 6th Anniversary of King Skins

Today is this website's 6th anniversary. Yay! I'm currently working on my Star Wars Worldtexture pack. I've yet to update this site with screenshots of the new content in the mod. The reason why is because a lot of the things I've changed are not 100% final, as I sometimes have to swap a texture or two around to fit all the maps that they may alter. Progress is improving however, as a good number of maps have been redesigned.

I was hoping to finish this mod before the new AvP game was released, but life got in the way of development. However, I'm not big on deadlines; so that doesn't worry me. I'm trying to make sure I'm satisfied with the mod before I release it. As it stands now, I am hoping to release it sometime this summer. I will post screenshots of the new updates, as the mod's development progresses further towards completion.

04/29/09 - Exploding Monkeys Mod Released

Here it is! I'm finally releasing this Exploding Monkeys Mod. This client side mod was initially a small request by Windebieste to make a mod that has monkeys chasing players as spider mines. I took his idea and ran with it, as I replaced loads of projectiles. All the the grenades, flares, rockets, and some predator-related projectiles were replaced with various animals. For instance, the grenade launcher will launch monkey spider mines (which a sport a completely new skin of a pissed off monkey). These new monkey spider mines are animated and will chase the player while screaming about, much like the default spider mines, only funnier.

Check out the page containing preview pictures below and try the mod out for yourself. Enjoy!

Download Exploding Monkeys Mod

Exploding Monkeys Mod Preview Pictures

03/20/09 - The 5th Anniversary of King Skins

Over the past several years I usually forgot when this site's anniversary came up. However, this time I remembered it. It has been exactly five years since I opened up this site. It's a nice milestone for both me and the site. On top of that I'm still going strong.

I originally planned on releasing a small mod today (I know I'm supposed to be working on the worldtexture pack only), but it's not quite ready. The mod is about 99% finished, as I'm tweaking minor things here and there. I could rush the release, but I haven't set up the readme file and preview pictures. Therefore, I thought it would be wiser to hold off a rushed release and make sure I'm happy with the final product. I don't know how long it will take to finish, but I know it will be released soon. It could take a day or two, or a week. I don't really know. All I know is that it is pretty much done and it just needs a little more time.

I can say however, that this is quite possibly the dumbest mod I ever made in terms of the sillyness and outrageousness of it. But that is also what gives the mod its theme and makes it hilarious to use. It will probably be even funnier when combined with some of the more recent mods I made.

So until the new mod release, sit back tight.

01/17/09 - Gun Replacement Pack Released

Hey! I'm back, although I was never really gone. I just didn't really have the time to work on files that much. A mod I started on about one year ago is finally done, even though it should have been released months ago.

Anyways, the mod is the Gun Replacement Pack (GRP), which is like my Knife Replacement Pack (KRP), but for the guns. It also has a few other stuff thrown into it such as an armor pickup, event sounds, and new bullet shells. I find that the new bullet shells look much better visually than AvP2's default bullet shells. Download the mod and see the changes for yourself with the links below.

Download GRP

GRP Preview Pictures

The entire mod is client side as usual, and it will work on any server. Hope you like it!

As for my next project, I have to go back and finish the one I started so long ago and have dreaded making. I'm talking about the Star Wars Worldtexture Pack Add-On. The worldtexture mod takes so long to make, but its very rewarding with the end result. Instead of starting another one of my mod ideas, I'm going to do my best to finish this one before anything else. I also plan to post updated preview pictures on the progress of its development.

01/22/08 - Knife Replacement Pack Released

Download KRP

KRP Preview Pictures

The model pack is finally done. Each weapon replaces the knife in this mod. Some replacements come with extras, such as mini-sound packs full of music or extra models for other weapons.

I've included 54 knife replacements (in which 3 were supplied by Coty). Each file is client side and will work on any server. Hopefully you'll get into some fun knife duels.

I also intend to release at least one more model pack somewhat like this, but covering the guns instead of the knife. I've already incorporated new character models (not from AvP2 or Primal Hunt) into the game, but their sizes are off. I'll probably try and fix them up to release a character model pack as well.

And yes, I still have to finish the Star Wars Mod Worldtexture Add-On.

01/10/08 - Knife Replacement Pack

Preview Pictures

Well this pack is almost done. As you can see each weapon replaces the knife. Some replacements come with extras, such as a mini-sound pack or extra models for other weapons.

Furthermore, there are only 38 knife replacements shown on the page (not including bonus models). So far I've made 51 knife replacements, but a few of the remaining packs just need some sounds added.

I don't know if I will add more models or not. But for the most part, the KRP is almost complete.

On a side note, this KRP got me thinking that I could make a mod out of it, in which 4 human classes are set up. Each character could have their own melee weapons to use from this pack (class weapons) and all guns would be removed from the game to make the mod a melee mod only. Unfortunately since no first person view melee weapons are included, the mod could not be an fps melee, but I could make the mod force the player into the third perspective instead.

So I could make such a melee mod, but it depends on the demand for it. The mod could take a while to make and I won't make it if the demand is low.

12/24/07 - Chameleon Model V2, Beetle Model, More Models

I know, I know. Once again I haven't updated much. But I did spend most of October and early November working on a lot of files.

I'm re-releasing my Chameleon Model as Version 2.0. This update fixes the model for singleplayer usage and enables it to cast shadows.

Preview Pictures:

Chameleon1   Chameleon2

Download: Chameleon Model Version 2.0

I also have a brand new file, the Beetle model. AvP2's beetle replaces the facehugger in this file. Supporting sounds and vision mode textures are included.

Preview Pictures:

Beetle1   Beetle2   Beetle3

Download: Beetle Model

In my next update (which will be early January), I will finally show the "lots and lots of new models" I previously hinted at.

I just need to finish it, but I keep adding more to it. Perhaps I should release a bunch of models in one pack and then release the next bunch in a new pack so I don't keep people waiting? We'll see. But expect lots of images of those models real soon.

09/02/07 - Chameleon Model, Wallpapers, More Models

Once again I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I took a 3 month break from AvP2 only to return and start numerous new mods.

As for today, I released a new alien skin, which uses the Chameleon model from Primal Hunt to replace the predalien. It's really cool and has some Super Mario elements to it.

Preview Pictures:

Chameleon1   Chameleon2

Download: Chameleon Model

I also uploaded two new wallpapers of the Chameleon Model in all of his Super Mario glory. Check them out in the wallpapers section under the files menu.

Finally, the Star Wars World Texture Pack is temporarily on hold because I don't feel like working on it at the moment. But what can you expect instead? Models. Lots and lots of new models. Just wait. You'll see.....

04/15/07 - New Tutorial and Mod Preview Screenshots

I've converted Compound to Yavin, Leadworks to Korriban, and I've also touched up some of their detail textures since my last update. I recently posted new screenshots of my latest map overhaul of Alesserfate, which has been converted into an Imperial Junction. Check out the new screens:

Preview Pictures

I also added a new little tutorial on the autoexec.cfg file for anyone who wants to enhance some graphics settings of AvP2. Check it out in my tutorials page.

12/30/06 - New Wallpapers, Tutorials, and Preview Screenshots of Upcoming Mod

Massive update ahead. I moved somethings around in the site's navigation to make room for new stuff. The first of the new stuff is a wallpapers section under the files menu, in which I uploaded 25 different wallpapers in three different 16:10 resolutions. I added little watermarks, but they should hide under the taskbar. I can't stand to see watermark copyrights myself, so this was the best solution. I will continue to make more wallpapers as time passes.

To see how I got my wallpapers (unedited screenshots) at those resolutions, check out my new tutorials section under the navigation menu. You'll also find a tutorial for Volumetric/Dynamic Shadows during AvP2 gameplay. Its must read for all AvP2 owners, so you can mod your game to unlock this great feature:

Volumetric Shadows 1   Volumetric Shadows 2

Last but not least is my upcoming and final Star Wars Mod Add-On, which is a major mod itself. The SW_MOD Worldtexture Add-On (with some new sounds too!). I'll let the screenshots do the talking for me.

Preview Pictures

11/24/06 - The Return, Delayed New File, and Big Plans

First of all, sorry for the extreme lack of updates. I've been very busy as of late.

Back in August I had finished an add-on file for the Star Wars Mod which contains 27 various lightsaber replacements in one pack. Well I finally got around to releasing it, so here it is. Enjoy!

Preview Pictures:

Saber1   Saber2   Saber3   Saber4

Download: SW_MOD - Lightsaber Pack Add-On

As for my future files, I still have to finish up the worldtexture add-on that I mentioned in the past few readme files. Its still a long way from finished, but I want to start showing some screenshots of it. I also plan on making unedited wallpapers straight out of the game based on my files, and I even got a few simple tutorials to improve AvP2's graphics visually and add a new effect to the game that most people have no idea about.

So I got a few Christmas presents ready for everyone, I just need some time to wrap them up real nice first.

08/15/06 - Two Star Wars Mod Reviews

I haven't updated in a while due to internet connection and isp problems, but during this absence my mod has received two reviews.

The first is by PCZONEUK August 06' Magazine in which the mod was also mounted on a disc in the freeplay mods section. As you can see I scanned the review right out of the magazine in unaltered form. Pure baffling.........

The second review is Planet AvP's Mod Of The Week.

Notice how the PCZONEUK reviewer looked at AvP2's default maps when reviewing and didn't notice any major changes except AvP2's default game. Well I caught Mr. "Jon Blyth" in the classic case of not looking at my readme file, not playing AvP2 in the past few years, and testing the mod for a rushed 5 minutes. Furthermore, the sarcastic jokes he made and the screenshots prove it. I can't believe how genuine noobs get payed to do these things, yet us file creators do this for free. On top of all that, he called AvP2 dead as well. I consider this a compliment though; I mean why review a mod for a "dead game?" Answer? Because the game and mod both kick ass! Anyways, I'm still very grateful that the mod received mass distrubution to all of the UK (on top of the thousands of downloads), and that I also received a free copy of the magazine. :D

As for Planet AvP's review, you'll notice the reviewer Izzy, actually took his time testing the mod and goes into some details. *Hats off to Izzy.*

All in all, two very contradictory reviews that both declare the mod as a must download, even though PCZONEUK only declares it in a subliminal message.

06/04/06 - Things To Come

Now that the mod has been released, I will be finishing up two of the add-ons mentioned in the mod's readme file.

The next file to be released will be the various lightsaber replacements pack for the mod's customization, followed by the worldtexture add-on, which is extremely tedious for me to complete. The lightsaber add-on can be finished in not that long, however the other worldtexture add-on is only 20% complete. So I've got a lot of work to do.

For those who want a small preview of the new lightsabers, check out Luke's saber in the site banner if you havent already. His saber is one of the many that will be featured.

04/23/06 - Star Wars Mod Released

Download: Star Wars Mod

Download: SW_MOD - Sound Pack Add-On

The Sound Pack Add-On is a bonus add-on for the SW_MOD which allows you to customize the mod with 45 mini-sound packs, or you could just use the sound packs by themselves.

I also added a new site layout and banner. Hope you like it.

Well thats it for this mod. Read the readme files and have fun. :D

04/11/06 - Entire Mod Completed

At last the entire mod is completely finished. This is my last news post with preview pics, the next news post will have the mod available for download and a new site look as well.

For the final changes in the mod, check out the screenshots of the updated and enhanced maps:

DeathStar and Bespin V2

03/20/06 - King Skins 2nd Anniversary
- Lightsaber Model Completed

Today marks exactly 2 years since I published my first file and this site's opening. I still got a bunch of ideas for this game and I'm going to put in another year for making custom files.

As for the mod, RaptorRed sent me a new converted model today. The long awaited lightsaber has finally made it into this mod. Check out the screens:

Lightsaber 1   Lightsaber 2   Lightsaber 3

I plan on having multiple sabers (each skinned for various blade colors) as an add-on to the mod as well. This add-on will allow the player to customize his/her's saber of choice. Also, I chose this particular model to be the default saber for the mod because the hilt and blade color are the most neutral choices for both Sith and Jedi. So this means blue vs. blue saber duels for those who run the 3rd person view mod in addition to the SW Mod.

Well, the mod itself is now 100% complete, with nothing left to add at all. However some testing and tweaks have to be made to two of HHO's maps. So the release is on a slight hold, but this is better in that I can hold out a bit to release the add-ons at the same time as the mod.

I'll keep you posted...

03/17/06 - Nearing Release + New Models

Well I've been really busy as of late and haven't updated in a while, but I was still able to add some extras to the mod.

I gave some Star Wars weapon models (for 3rd person view) to RaptorRed, which she converted and implemented into AvP2 for me. I also changed some weapon skins to match the new models a bit more.


Blaster Rifle

Sith Scepter


Updated Predator Hud

Finally, only the lightsaber models remain. As soon as these are implemented into the mod, I'll release everything.

12/23/05 - No Updates = Bigger Mod

Theres a reason why I havent updated in two months. I've been trying to get new things into the mod and still keep some surprises left in it. However I feel I have to post news on the mod so here it is:

Star Wars Mod Preview Pages

Be sure to look at pages two and three, as page two shows a bunch of screenshots of the completed Death Star map by HHO. Page three contains screenshots of two new custom levels for the mod: Assassin, a Republic Destroyer singleplayer map and Tatooine Getaway, a Tatooine singleplayer map; both made by Artalavista.

The only thing left for the mod to be 100% are the models. While they are all made, they need to be converted into abc format for AvP2.

10/25/05 - SW_Mod Status

Alright good news and bad news. They are one and the same.

The mod is on hold for release because there is a Death Star map and a lightsaber model being built for it. Although everyone will have to wait a little bit longer, it will all be better in the end.

In the meantime, I put up some new screens of Bespin_V2, which is an enhanced (much better) version of Bespin.

There is also a new health model/pickup, the Bacta Tank.

For those who will ask, "when is the release date?", I'm not doing anything else with this mod and I will release it as soon as the new map and model is finished.

I really hate to keep telling everyone it will take a little bit longer, but "patience my young padawan..."

08/31/05 - SW Maps Finished + SW_Mod_V2?

The second Preview Page has been updated with pics of the maps in the SW_MOD. Bespin by HHO, and Republic Destroyer and Tatooine by Artalavista, are set and ready to go with the mod. For those who wanted the other 6 or 7 star wars maps I posted a couple of months ago, sorry but the various mappers who were building these maps were unable to come through due to busy schedules, other projects, and various other reasons (But thanks for their interest in such a project). Fortunately the maps in the mod are as authentic to the movies as it gets and are well designed for all species.

As for the SW_MOD itself, its ready for release. Im at the readme and credits stage, and soon the actual upload. However I've been wanting to do two things with this mod. 1) Make a huge client side star wars mod and 2) take the same mod and add a bunch of gameplay changes. So I've been messing around with AvP2's attributes and it seems possible enough to make gameplay changes such as laser bolts from blaster fire. Therefore, after the mod's initial client side release, I will be pushing for a version 2 with unique gameplay changes.

08/11/05 - SW Mod Finished

At last the mod is finished! Although its finished, I wont release it untill the remaining maps and models are completed. Once these maps and models are completed I can post a release date (Hopefully this month).

Until then you can check out a bunch of new changes in the mod on the Preview Pages. Just to let you know, I've skinned every human character in AvP2 for the mod, however I dont have pics for all of them yet. So you'll just see a select few of the new skins.

Check it out: Updated Preview Pages

07/01/05 - AVP Movie Electrovision

Finally a new file for download. I made this file for the AVP2 Open Pyramid Project , but thought others might want to use it separately. The file changes all aliens and their electrovision auras, to appear green in the second predator vision mode (as in the AvP movie). Nothing too complicated, but looks cool during gameplay.

Download AVP Movie Electrovision

Preview pic #1   Preview pic #2   Preview pic #3   Preview pic #4

06/16/05 - Late Update On Vision Mode Textures

A bit of a late update, but here it is anyways. I've skinned all the humans and aliens to appear differently in the predator vision modes. The electrovision textures are loosely based on Zem's binocular vision in ep.2, and the heatvision textures are based on Zem's sniper rifle vision mode. I found these vision modes from ep.2 to be the most suitable for AvP2.

Check it out: New Vision Mode Textures

05/27/05 - Forum Revived

After months of my forum being in maintenance mode, I finally revived it shortly after it's upgrade to V4. Anyone who wishes to make suggestions or comments about the mod I'm working on should use the forum from now on. *Note, only members may post in the forum.*

Link To Forum (Forum Closed)

05/19/05 - More Maps and Mod Update

I've added some updated pics of the mod on the Star_Wars preview page.

I've added more skins (soon for singleplayer too), new animated menus, and I also decided to "unscratch" the sp music from the mod. What's star wars without the music?

As for the map part of the mod, six more maps will be added (hopefully):

Republic Destroyer - Artalavista (Finished)
Tatooine by Artalavista
Bespin by HHO (Finished)
Yavin by Windebieste
Death Star by |S.C.| Sir Huntly
Imperial Construction Yards by Deathmancer
Super Star Destoyer by Jerod
Coruscant by Hamm3r
Hoth by SpaceStriker and NightStriker

Now that Episode 3 is out, I will go see the movie and add material/media from the film to the mod.

04/19/05 - Star Wars Maps

For a week now, I've been speaking with a number of talented mappers about contributing to the mod by making a map for it. I've been sending numerous star wars textures, sounds, and music to those willing to contribute.

So far I got three talented mappers, but things may change (for this is not entirely certain).

Current maps under way:
-Ep.4 Death Star map by |S.C.| Sir Huntly
-Ep.5 Bespin map by HHO
-Ep.4 Yavin map by Windebieste

If any other mapper wishes to contribute, contact me at b1kingkenny AT hotmail.com.

04/02/05 - Mod Status Update

Updated preview page: Check It Out

1. Huds - 100%
2. Weapon Skins - 100%
3. Sprite Textures - 100%
4. Menus - 90%
5. Sounds - 300% Extra sound packs added
6. Music - Singleplayer scratched
- Menus/MP 100%
7. Cres.dll - 100%
8. Character Skins - 70%
9. World Textures - 90%

Everything is coming along nicely and I'm almost done. As you can see I added some new stuff, however I had to scratch the singleplayer music due to the file size. The mod itself is around 50 mb (with heavy compression of audio files). If I added the sp music, it might double in size. So I might make a music pack (depending on demand for it) after the mod's release.

03/20/05 - King Skins Anniversary

Well, well, well. It's been exactly one year since I released my first skin and put up this site. Although I had some file and site hosting problems, I'm still around and looking forward to another year of making files.

Thanks go out to all the people who have downloaded my files, visited the site, supported the site, and everyone else who has contributed in helping me make a more enjoyable game in the past year.

P.S. More info on mod status and screens coming soon!

02/06/05 - SW Character Skins

Well it was pretty much inevitable. Most people wanted it, and so did I. I decided to start adding character skins to the mod. I finished a Luke Skywalker skin as seen in the following screenshots:

Luke 1   Luke 2

The skin was converted straight from the game Jedi Knight 3. The skin looks identical to Luke in JK3, except for the face which was altered due the Harrison model. Nevertheless, I'm happy with it and I will skin the remaining 7 multiplayer characters.

Also, I just counted up the number of sounds in the mod so far and I have reached 637 sounds. I tripled the amount I planned on adding initially and I still have some more to add. :D

01/16/05 - More Mod Pics

I just added nine more pics of the Star Wars Mod. *Note some may change*

1. Huds - 100%
2. Weapon Skins - 100%
3. Sprite Textures - 95%
4. Menus - 50%
5. Sounds - 95%
6. Music - 50%
7. Cres.dll - 100%

Im basically finished with everything but the menus and music. Still no release date. But it's drawing closer to completion.

01/05/05 - Update On Star Wars Mod

The mod conists of seven categories and this is what I have completed so far:

1. Huds - 100%
2. Weapon Skins - 100%
3. Sprite Textures - 90%
4. Menus - 25%
5. Sounds - 40%
6. Music - 50%
7. Cres.dll - 100%

For more preview pics of the mod check out this big Star Wars Mod preview page.

12/23/04 - Star Wars Mod Preview Pics

I wanted to release this mod today, but Im holding on to it to add some more stuff to it. A lot more than originally planned. So here is a little preview for those who are waiting.
Note huds might be changed around a bit.

Alien Hud   Marine Hud   Predator Hud

I'll go into further detail with the weapon skins and sprite textures in the near future.

Lastly, this is probably my last site update of the year. So until then, Happy Holidays. :)

12/15/04 - Lack of updates + AvP2Mods Forum

I know I havent really added much files recently, this is mostly because I am still working on Star Wars Mod (Server-side). Yes it is a mod now. I think I will put up some preview pics for it in the upcoming week.

Until then, I suggest you all check out the AvP2Mods Forum

Its a pretty good forum for mods, maps, and skins. It just needs more members. So go reg on it.

12/02/04 - New Host

I'm pretty much done with freewebs. AvP2MODS is my new host. Dont forget to bookmark this site, since Im not updating the freewebs one anymore. All the old files and images are on this site, which means no lines for the downloads.

Enjoy the even faster site, with faster download speeds. Special thanks to killz for hosting my site.

Also, now that I have much more webspace and bandwidth, more site pages will come soon. :)

12/02/04 - Site Moved

My site has moved to http://kingskins.avp2mods.com

The new site runs faster and has no lines for files. All the files are on the new site.

Please update your bookmarks and links. This freewebs site will remain up only as a backup/testing site.

11/26/04 - Links Updated

Small update today. I added a bunch of new links to the links page.

And to keep you guys informed, I am still working on the Star Wars pack.
New ideas for it, just keep coming to me. :)

11/22/04 - Pulse Rifle Skin Pack

The pack is up. Click To Download.

11/21/04 - Skin Pack Preview

Here is a new file that I uploaded to filefront:

Pulse Rifle Skin Pack

There are 7 different pulse rifles in the pack ranging by color, and they all have new muzzle flares.
Check back here soon for the pack.

11/08/04 - 007 Files

The files are up. :)

007 Sound Pack (Golden Gun Included)

Golden Gun

Sign my guestbook and tell me what you think of these files. Give the shoutbox a break.

11/07/04 - Waiting for filefront....

I recently uploaded two new files to filefront.
One of them which is a golden gun skin for the pistol and the second file is a 007 Sound Pack.

The 007 sound pack has the golden gun skin it as well. This is one of my favorite files yet. Since they aren't up for download yet, I thought I might as well give you all a little preview.

The music you are listening to is a heavily compressed version of the 007 techno remix in the pack.

As soon as filefront makes the files available for d/l, I tell you here. :)

10/23/04 - New Site Layout!

Finally I have my own html site. I got tired of the old freewebs template, so I decided to rework the whole site.

All the download links and pics are still here. The best part is that I added new features: a guestbook and a shoutbox. Also, this site will run a lot smoother now due to the frames.

Tell me what you think of my site's new look:
Sign My Guest Book.

10/10/04 - Fan Pic Contest

I have recently put up a contest on my forum in which the participants must take an in-game screenshot of one or more of my skins (a fanpic) and post it on my forum.

To enter the contest, you must register on the forum. After a poll by the members, three winners will be decided.

The prizes for the winners are as follows: 1st place: A custom skin of the winner's choice. 2nd and 3rd: Smaller skin, such as a weapon skin.

To view the contest rules and regulations, click here: (forum closed). Remember, you must register to participate. Good luck.

10/01/04 - Pink_Dunya + Future Files

New skin today called Pink Dunya. I made it over a week ago but haven't had the time to upload it until now. Skin can be found on the human skins page.

Also, I've recently started working on a Star Wars Music/Sound Pack. I'm not putting a release date on this. It will be posted when it's done.

On a side note; 3000 plus visitors.

09/13/04 - Illusive Pred

Just finished a new unexpected skin called Illusive Pred. It's one of my favorite skins and can be found in the predator skins page.

09/07/04 - Files + Dr. d0wn

I have finished all of the files that I have been working on lately, except for one skin which was a skin request. I don't know when I will release the skin, but I will try and finish it within the next week or so.

In the meantime, if you want some skins badly; head on over to Gh0std0wN's site: http://gh0std0wn.com He has a bunch of skins that he will be releasing every day or so.

09/05/04 - Scarface Sound Pack Version 1.1

Uploaded the new version. No patch needed any more. Download it here: http://files.filefront.com/3623607

09/05/04 - Grid Alien, AvPDrone Skins + Scarface Sound Pack Bug

Just finished two new skins. A Grid Alien and AvPDrone skin. Both are in the same zip and can be downloaded off of the Alien Skins page.

Also, I found a small little bug with my Scarface Sound Pack. Four multiplayer menu icons become invisible while it is running. I put a small patch for the sound pack on the mods/sound packs page, that will correct this bug.

However, I will release a version 1.1 of the sound pack so you won't need the patch. Until then, the patch is the only solution.

09/03/04 - Scarface Sound Pack

Isn't this ironic. You're listening to the Scarface theme and reading about a Scarface Sound Pack. This pack should've been finished a while back. I had put it on the side, but not anymore.

If you've seen the movie, you know what to expect. Plenty of F*** curses. I guess it's M rated. Sound pack is available on the mods/sound packs page or download it now:


Special thanks to AcidGlow for letting me use a couple of pcx files.

08/26/04 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Pack + Site Update

Finally finished the Arnold sound pack. It can be found on the mods/sound packs page. Or you can download it now:


Also, you may notice I changed the page up a bit with screenshots and a new midi. The midi is a remix version of the James Bond theme, which was taken from the Goldeneye game.

08/22/04 - File Status Update

I'm currently about 95% finished with an Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Pack. I just need to add a few more sounds to it, test it, and then it should be finished. Expect it soon.

08/12/04 - Working On 3 New Files

I know there hasn't been any new files up in the past week. This is mainly because I'm working on three new files at the same time. Two of them are new sound packs, and the other is a marine skin.

I don't know when I will be done making them, but I will try and finish them all before the end of August. However, I will keep you informed on their status as they come closer to completion.

08/03/04 - IONIC PRAE

New skin up in the Alien Skins page, called IONIC PRAE. This is by far my best praetorian skin yet. Not only is the pattern great, but I added details to the teeth and claws as well.

As a bonus I gave it new sounds too. To download it now, click here:


08/01/04 - Screenshots Back Up + New Skin Coming Soon

HostedImage is working once again and now all the skin screenshots are back up. As for the skins I'm working on; I just finished one new skin for the praetorian and gave it new sounds as well.

As soon as I can get some good screenshots for it, I will upload it to filefront.

07/31/04 - Forum Update, Screenshots Down, Working On New Skins, D/L Trouble?

As you can see, all the screenshots for my skins are down to the hostedimage server being down. I'm currently trying to get them hosted somewhere else (at least some of them). If you happened to look at my forum lately, you will also see that it is being redone a bit with mostly new features.

Speaking of the forum, some members of it have suggested some skin ideas which I will be focused on at the moment, as well as a few ideas I have in mind. Lastly, some people have been experiencing some difficulties downloading my Matrix Skin/Sound Pack.

I can download it easily so I'm not sure what the problem is. If you are having trouble downloading the file please tell me on my forum in this thread: (Forum Closed - Link Removed)

07/27/04 - Matrix Skin/Sound Pack + Small Music Update

Its finally finished . You can download my Matrix Skin/Sound Pack here: http://files.filefront.com/3511641

It came out better than I expected. For more info, look at the mods/sound packs page (thanks AcidGlow, Cat-Like-Thief ). While I was looking over that page, the music was really annoying me.

So I decided to change it to a softer song while you read up on the readme. The new song you will hear is "Yoda's Theme" from Star Wars. And yes, I'm a big Star Wars Fan.

07/17/04 - KING MOD Success + Matrix Sound/Skin Pack

So far 96 people have downloaded my mod and I have received plenty of compliments about it. Im glad you all like it. My mod has also brought an extra 100+ visitors, which made the counter finally pass 1000.

Lately I've been working on a Matrix Sound/Skin pack. It is near completion, just needs a few more sounds, and maybe another skin. Until then, enjoy my mod some more and try and hear every new sound.

07/06/04 - KING MOD Up And Ready For Download

Finally after three attempts at uploading my mod on a 56k connection, it is finally available for download. The Mod can be found on the Mods/Sound Packs page, or you can just download it right now:


07/05/04 - New Skin + Links Page Updated

I hope everyone had a good Independence Day (for those who celebrated). Filefront recently started accepting uploads again and I just got my latest skin accepted.

The skin's name is CYBERQUEEN and can be found in the Alien Skins section. *Note: It was my first skin request made.*

As for this site, I added a "Misc" section to the links page for those who might need tech support, skinning tutorials, etc.

Lastly, I have compressed my KING MOD's wav files over the past few days so it will be easier for people to download. Now the mod is a 25.9 mb rar. Now I can finally upload it to filefront.

07/01/04 - New Info On Upcoming Work

Filefront still isn't accepting any downloads at the moment, so I am currently forced to use Fileplanet. However, there is a much longer wait period for Fileplanet to accept files.

I uploaded both my mod and a new skin called "CYBERQUEEN" to fileplanet. I'm still waiting for their approvals. Try and be patient with waiting.

Remember my Matrix Drone? I've decided to skin all the Aliens to the matrix code, from facehugger to empress, and completed a MATRIX ALIENS skin pack.

Although it is complete, I might add some sound clips to it from the Matrix movies. So in the meantime just sit back and wait for some new files.

06/26/04 - KING MOD Readme

I tried uploading my mod numerous times today, since I'm finally happy with it. However, filefront has some "disk error" and I have to upload it later.

So in the meantime, I posted the KING_MOD's readme in the Mods/Sound Packs section. Enjoy!

06/18/04 - B-Day + Mod Almost Ready

Well today is my birthday and I was hoping to get my mod out before today. However, I found a whole bunch of new sounds that I have added to the mod. I probably added about an extra 13 mb to the mod.

I'm sorry for anyone who is still waiting and sees me typing "almost done" etc. I have a few more sounds to add, then it will be released. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

06/11/04 - Site Update + Special Thanks

The entire site has gone away from the old black and white look and now has colors based on the skins themselves (as in skin descriptions) and on the links. Links page has been rearranged as well.

Another site change, is the page effects (flying stars, etc.). Other than that, Capslock_bug: http://www.freewebs.com/capslock_bug_skins/ has made me a banner/sig.

You can see it here: http://www.hostedimage.com/usr/1006/KingKenny.jpg

You can now use the banner for any site willing to link to mine. Thanks Capslock_bug. P.S. I touched up the banner just a bit.

6/10/04 - SINISTER PRED Skin + Mod Completed

New heavy predator skin up in the Pred Skins section, it's called SINISTER PRED. The skin will also be included in mod by the way.

Speaking of the mod, KING MOD that is. The KING MOD has been 100% completed based on everything that I wanted to put in it. However, I am not releasing it yet because I might add a few extra things into it.

Also, I haven't even started on the readme, so expect it to be uploaded maybe by sometime next week. In the meantime, enjoy the new skin.

6/01/04 - Site Update + Mod News

All screenshots for the skins are working now and you can finally see what my DECAYED_PRED skin looks like. I have also added a new page for my future mods and sound packs, however there is nothing to download on it.

Although, if you want to listen to a bit of music, you can listen to the Bladerunner theme on the mods/sound packs page. As for my mod, it will be named "King Mod" since it has almost all my work in it.

Once I am done skinning the marines and maybe a few extra weapons or objects, it will be released.

5/31/04 - New Link For SOTW

I have re-uploaded my MATRIX_DRONE skin to filefront. It can now be downloaded here: http://files.filefront.com/3107334 Enjoy.


New Light Predator skin up called DECAYED_PRED. You can find it in the Pred Skins page. No screenshots are working at the moment due to site problems with hostedimage, so you may have to judge the skins by their descriptions.

As for the Matrix Drone SOTW, I'm am doing everything I can to get it up for download once again. Should be up again real soon.

5/29/04 - MATRIX DRONE Is SOTW @ PlanetAvP!

My MATRIX DRONE skin has just been named Skin Of The Week at www.planetavp.com You can read the review here: www.planetavp.com/mods/sotw/matrixdrone/

Special thanks to SiL for the review. Unfortunately, if you are looking to download the new SOTW, it is currently unvailable. There is some error on filefront with the file (talk about bad timing).

I just uploaded the file to www.fileplanet.com to hopefully get a mirror for the file (I will do this with all my skins). Sorry for any inconvenience. Also expect a new skin soon for the light predator.

5/21/04 - REVISED CORPS Skin Pack

The skin pack I mentioned yesterday is finally available for download in the Human Skins Section. Note that this skin pack skins all five Corporate characters.

5/20/04 - Mod Update + New Skin Pack Coming Soon

I have been updating my mod every day now and it has reached 20 mb (once zipped). The mod is around 65% complete. I still need to skin a few more characters, but the sound part of the mod, for the most part, is done.

The mod should be 100% finished some time in June. It is already great and it isn't even finished yet. I have also made a corporate skin pack called REVISED CORPS which will be included in the mod, but I am having trouble uploading the skin pack at the moment; for those who want it separately. I hope to get it up soon.

5/14/04 - Smartgun Skin Added

New skin up called URBAN SG. It can be found in the Human Skins page. The sound/skin pack that I said I was working on, will now be a server friendly mod. Which basically means you can use it in any server you join, as well as single player. I am going to try and put all of my currently made skins into the mod and a bit more.

5/10/04 - Another Big Update - Three New Skins!

I have recently uploaded three new skins to the filefront server. They are: LEAF PRAE, WARPED LC, and VILLAGE PRED. They can all be found in the Aliens and Predator skins pages.

I am also working on a sound pack at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy the new skins. (P.S. Can some people join and post in the forums a bit?)

5/4/04 - I'm Back, Huge Update, and New Skins

Hello everyone. Sorry for my site being down for over a month. Freewebs didn't reset the bandwidth on the site, so I had to rebuild the entire site from scratch and add a new site address (was kingkenny; now kingskins).

To prevent this site from freezing again, I have uploaded all my skins and screenshots to other sites to save bandwidth. The bright side is that I've made many new skins: Black Emerald EQ, Matrix Drone, and Inferno Pred.

I have a few other skins done as well, I just need to get screenshots and readmes for them. If this site ever freezes again (probably) the forums will still be open and I will use the forum as a backup site by providing links to all the downloads.

So bookmark both www.freewebs.com/kingskins/ and http://kingkenny.proboards25.com/ just in case.

3/29/04 - ICE RUNNER and Site Advertisements

My newest skin, ICE RUNNER, has been uploaded and can be found in the Alien Skins page. Also, I'm going to try and get a predator skin up some time soon.

On another note, ever since my site launched both avpnation and planetavp have posted my site as top news.

Planetavp: "If you want more skins, check out KingKenny's AvP2 Skins site, which launched today. Right now, it only has two skins you can download, but promises more soon. Until then, we can satisfy ourselves with Black_Emerald_Drone and Forest_Harrison."

Avpnation: "A new skin site named KingKenny's AvP2 Skins has been made to host my skins. The site currently has two skins up and more to come. Visit the site at KingKenny's AvP2 Skins and enjoy. : )"

Thanks to both sites for posting my site as news to the community. I'm glad to say that I now have four skins up, with still more to come.

3/28/04 - CLASSIC SHOTGUN + Small Music Change

A small skin added today (the first of the two that I said were coming) which skins the shotgun to a more common look. The skin can be found in the Human Skins page.

Also, I changed the music for the start page (this page) to the Scarface Theme. Hope you like both.

3/27/04 - Forums, Links Page and 2 New Skins Coming Soon

A site update today. I added a new links page to the site. Also, I added forums to the site which can also be accessed quickly through here: http://kingkenny.proboards25.com.

Pm me at the forums if you would like to link to my website. Finally, 2 new skins are going 2 be finished and will be uploaded soon.

3/25/04 - FOREST HARRISON + Music Added

My newest skin, FORESTHARRISON, has been uploaded to the site with its screenshots. It can be found in the Human Skins page. Also, I recently added some music to the main pages.

They can only be midi files, but they're better than nothing. The music I added are theme songs of Predator, Batman, and Indiana Jones.


My first skin: BLACK EMERALD DRONE has been uploaded to the site with some screenshots as well. It can be found in the Alien Skins section, and is a first for more to come.

3/24/04 - Welcome : )

Welcome to my Alien Versus Predator 2 Skin site.